Monday, September 26, 2011

Miracle of Miracles... I forgot the date!

"Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles... like he did so long ago, at Jericho, God just made a wall fall down!" (Fiddler on the Roof).
I have an odd knack for remembering details... like dates, days of the week, conversations, interactions, etc.  Sadly, this didn't really benefit me in History or Science courses...  But for varying moments in my life, I can list off absurd amounts of detail.  Sometimes these are good details, and other times the memories aren't so pleasant.  And for a few dates, I see them coming a long way off, feel them while they are here, and wave, with a sigh of relief, as they leave.  
One such date was June 19th.  June 19, 2005 was a very bad day.  In the past few years, God has done a lot of healing in my heart in regards to the events of that day.   As I received more healing, I began to increasingly forget to remember.  Now, it's not a big deal.  I remember the events of that day with something better than a mere passing thought; I remember it with redemption!  (Does redemption feel like broken wings?  No.  It soars and flies, and then it sings!)
All that being said, recently I forgot another big date!  
I've been wondering what this September 23rd would be like for quite a while.   As usual I anticipated it's coming... and on that date, I remembered it only when mentioned that night at a local Bluegrass show.  As I heard the date announced, I chuckled to myself... I'd almost forgotten!  I was so proud for just a moment, and then I went on with my flat-footing fun!   You see, I was anticipating the three-year and four-year "anniversaries" of my only two breakups, neither of which was remotely pleasant.  Can we say victory??  Yes we can!  
Tonight after a long, happy day, I sat at my kitchen table, eating cookie dough and drinking milk (just cause I can), chatting with my roommate, Karen.  Seemingly out of no where I burst into laughter!  God corrected my memory calender.  "Karen!"  I exclaimed, "I forgot the date!!"  As I sit there giggling, a song from Fiddler on the Roof starts playing through my head... "wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles.."  I thought I'd forgotten the date, but I REALLY forgot the date!  Those breakups happened on September 21st of 2007 and 2008... not the 23rd.  I totally forgot the date.  And, what's more, September 21st was one of the best days I've had all month, in a month God told me would be filled with redemption!  Miracle of miracles... I forgot the date and focused on better things!!  Like Jesus!  And what He is doing in my life now!!  Miracle of miracles, I'm free to forget!  I think another part of Jericho just fell down... 

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    This is a big encouragement for me and brings hope to a somewhat hopeless place in my heart.